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What is holistic marketing?

Holistic marketing brings a company together to work towards the same marketing goals. Here’s why it’s so important.

As businesses grow and different departments are formed, it can be tricky to keep the whole organisation running as one – and this can have a crippling effect on its marketing efforts.

Holistic marketing brings a company together, working in unison towards the same marketing goals – and the benefits of everyone working together are significant, for the business, the brand, and the customer experience.

Here’s what holistic marketing is, and why it’s so important.

What is holistic marketing?

Holistic marketing includes activities based on a marketing strategy that considers the business as one complete unit.

It encompasses the whole company, with all its separate departments, bringing them together to align with the business’ strategic goals and purposes.

Holistic marketing considers customers, staff and other stakeholders, and develops messaging that applies to them all.

What are the principles of holistic marketing?

Holistic marketing is based on key principles that guide its formation and rollout, including:

1. Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is when all a company’s marketing activities, across all departments, share the same goal and aspirations.

That means that all marketing assets, including images and tone of voice, as well as marketing activities such as social media posts and printed assets like brochures, have a strong and cohesive message.

Integrated marketing is essential for building brand identity and ensures a seamless and consistent customer experience.

2. Internal marketing

Holistic marketing also takes in internal marketing: marketing that is used to build and maintain a strong company from the inside.

It promotes employee satisfaction and improves the quality of their work by using a marketing strategy that clearly communicates company goals and brand perception.

3. Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is long-haul marketing – it doesn’t happen overnight, but the impact can be high, making it essential to holistic marketing.

Relationship marketing is all about developing strong relationships with your customers, and involves a deep understanding of their likes, pain points, and what they want from a brand.

Effective relationship marketing can result in repeat business and sales growth. In fact, there’s a mountain of research that shows that it’s five to 25 times cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one.

4. Socially responsible marketing

It’s marketing that shows customers you care about the planet and the wellbeing of the people who inhabit it.

Socially responsibly marketing is often executed by demonstrating a commitment to ethical standards, forging bonds with local communities, and marketing to customers with a demonstrated interest in social responsibility.

5. Performance marketing

Holistic marketing always has a component of performance marketing – activities that highlight the value of your marketing activities or a specific marketing campaign.

It includes marketing activities with costs attached to performance, such as pay-per-click search engine marketing. It also places importance on analytics and calculating return on investment, also known as ROI in marketing.

What are the benefits of holistic marketing?

Brands soon discover there are several benefits in taking a holistic approach to marketing, such as:

  • Integration: A common aim and vision shared by all the departments in your company ensures that everyone is working together towards the same role, which promotes collaboration and reduces conflict.
  • Cohesion and consistency: While your company may offer different services or products, holistic marketing ensures consistency in marketing messages and calls to action, ensuring stability in the customer experience.
  • Builds branding: A holistic marketing strategy creates a stronger brand, which can result in increases in sales and loyalty and lead to real bottom line results.

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