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Brand identity: what is it and why is it important?

Brand identity is so much more than a logo. Here are some examples of strong brand identity and how marketing tactics are used to create them.

Back in the day, Australian cattle farmers used to brand their cattle – essentially marking them with the cattle run’s logo. This branding, this logo, made them identifiable.

While the term ‘branding’ may have its roots in cattle branding, these days it’s widely used in marketing, but unsurprisingly, when people think of the term ‘brand identity’ they think of logos and names.

Yet, brand identity is so much more than a logo. Here are some examples of strong brand identity and how marketing tactics are used to create them.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is what your brand is and what it stands for, as perceived by customers. Brand identity speaks to what your values are, how you interact with customers and, most importantly, how you make your customers feel about you.

Brand identity defines who you are, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

A brand is usually comprised of a number of brand assets, including logos, straplines, design, and tone of voice. Brand identity is how those assets work together to define your brand’s personality.

Brand identity should be the foundation of every marketing strategy, and developing a brand identity involves research and analysis. Once a brand identity is created, it’s important to ensure every piece of marketing that is created supports that brand identity.

Examples of strong brand identity

Coca-Cola, with its dynamic ribbon and association with youth, summer and fun, is one of the world’s strongest brand identities. Interestingly, the unique shaped bottle plays an important role in the brand identity of Coke. Its distinctive shape tells us that we’re not getting a poor imitation, we’re getting the real deal, inspiring credibility and trust.

Asana, the web-based project management system, also has a strong brand identity and is used by countless businesses globally. The word ‘asana’ is a yoga pose that promotes focus and flow. The software company’s marketing assets, such as the use of white space juxtaposed with a burst of colour, suggest energy in a space of calm; and the three dots of their logo represent balance and teamwork.

While it started out as a small company selling honey, Bert’s Bees has turned into a global powerhouse, thanks to its strong brand identity. It’s an identity associated with a love of nature and a mission to have a small environmental footprint. Their logo features an ‘old world’ image of its founder, who looks like a farmer, underpinning the brand’s connection to the Earth and its care for nature. The company’s marketing lacks the sleek, stylised branding of its competitors, making it distinctive and further promoting its focus on nature.

Why is brand identity so important?

Brand identity is crucial to supporting your marketing activity – here’s why.

Brand identity acts as the face of your business

Your brand identity is what your customers see and what it tells them about you. A strong brand identity doesn’t just convey to customers information about your brand, though, it tells them how they should feel about it.

Brand identity presents your brand’s personality

If your brand was a person, who would they be? Brand identity answers that question. Perhaps your brand is fun and creative; maybe it’s strong and dependable. Your brand identity should convey its personality and how it is relatable to the consumer.

Brand identity creates consistency

A strong brand identity gives consistency to your brand. Every interaction with your brand should emphasise the brand identity, making it increasingly recognisable, and instilling the brand values in the minds of your customers.

Brand identity differentiates

A brand identity helps you stand out from the crowd. It tells customers that you are different from your competitors and explains how, and why, it’s important.

Brand identity develops trust, credibility and loyalty

The greater the connection between a customer and a brand, the greater the trust – and trust leads to credibility and loyalty.

A strong brand conveys the sense of the company being a leader in the sector or marketplace. It gives your voice authority and trustworthiness. Maintaining a strong voice over time increases its sense of authority and steadfastness.

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