DKP & Co. Chartered Accountants

The Brief And Our Approach

DKP & Co. is a chartered accountancy firm providing individuals, private and non-for-profit organisations with taxation, financial management and advisory services. To better reflect DKP’s focus on exceptional service, responsiveness and value that the firm brings to its clientele, Assemblo refreshed their online presence.

We worked closely with the partners of DKP & Co. to develop a web presence that conveyed a more modern and contemporary appearance to their existing clients and visitors. The website provides more information to customers and has been streamlined to guide visitors more effectively through to the point of conversion, ultimately creating a stronger user experience. The site is also responsive, creating a better experience for mobile users, and features a rich media and article component for future promotion and marketing.

DKP - Website
DKP - Website blog
DKP - Website services

The Results

The website upgrade saw an increase in organic traffic and has received great feedback from DKP’s clientele. Additionally, the firm has recorded an increased amount of leads and new business from the new, streamlined design. The firm now has a strong platform in which to undertake further forms of online marketing in partnership with Assemblo.

See the DKP & Co. Chartered Accountants website here



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