LDB Group

LDB Group

LDB Group is an AFR Top 100 business advisory and accounting firm with a friendly yet welcoming culture and a focus on helping their clients across all stages of their life and business. The firm has continued to grow and evolve, gaining a unique position in their market with their ‘Working As One’ methodology.

Since 2015, Assemblo has worked closely with LDB Group to position and grow their business.

Branding & identity

Rebranding an accounting firm for its next chapter

After experiencing dramatic growth in their business, LDB Group wanted to update their brand and digital presence and increase their market awareness.

They approached Assemblo to redesign and modernise their website, and develop a new brand position to reflect their business and its offering.

The rebrand of LDB Group was focused on the premise of ‘Working as One’, illustrating the benefits of the cross-over between their unique business skill sets.

A bold colour palette and bold lettering was developed to visualise the integration of departments (through a Venn diagram concept) and differentiate them from the competition. Life and personality are integral to LDB Group’s culture and we wanted their brand to reflect this too.

The brand was rolled out across collateral including business cards, brochures, flyers, letterheads and other collateral.

LDB Logo
LDB - Business Card
LDB Group presentation folder and letterhead
LDB Group brochure
LDB Group brochure

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LDB Group branding
LDB Group

Rebranding an accounting firm for its next chapter

Building an identity around the intersection of expertise and exceptional service

LDB Group website
LDB Group

Developing a website for a leading accounting and business advisory firm

Developing a website to generate a strong pipeline and brand awareness

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