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When should I hire a digital marketing agency?

It can be tricky to know when it is the right time to outsource your digital marketing, but doing so could be the key to growing your business.

Truth is, all businesses need to have an effective marketing strategy if they want to grow and thrive.

There are many advantages to hiring a digital marketing agency – they can help your business create comprehensive, data-driven campaigns, optimise your digital presence through a range of digital activities and generate leads that can convert to sales.

If you’re a marketing manager or coordinator wondering if hiring a digital marketing agency is the right thing for your business right now, here are a few pointers.

Is your business aiming for strong growth?

If the answer is yes, it could be time to hire a digital marketing agency.

In this day and age, the internet is the marketplace, so if you want your brand or business to be visible and active in that space, it’s important to have a strong digital presence.

By hiring a digital marketing agency, you get to cover all aspects of a digital presence – from a website to social media, digital advertising and more – and keep your business doing what it does best, providing a product or service.

Importantly, hiring a digital marketing agency will allow your business to grow and scale because marketing activities can work together to increase your brand’s awareness, reach more potential customers and generate leads.

Are your requirements beyond your internal team’s capabilities?

Perhaps you work in a small-to-medium sized business and don’t have internal roles to carry out marketing activities.

Maybe you work in a large firm that has a marketing manager but they can only do so much in a day.

Then there’s the case of needing the resources of an entire marketing team but your budget doesn’t stretch that far.

Think about it: By hiring a marketing agency, you get the expertise of a business dedicated to all aspects of digital marketing, from designers to copywriters and journalists, developers to strategists, social media specialists and more.

A digital marketing agency gives you access to a team of experts who are purely focused on growing and promoting your business, so your internal team can focus on the business they do best rather than taking on extra tasks beyond their skillset.

Furthermore, the cost of hiring an entire marketing team within a business equates to a massive expensive, and one that may not be viable.

But hiring a marketing agency on a monthly retainer fee, which gives you access to a host of experts with varying abilities, is a feasible and more cost effective option.

Do you need to integrate your marketing activities?

One of the biggest advantages of working with a digital marketing agency is that they can ensure all your marketing efforts will work to complement each other and achieve results.

Whether you have a print campaign that needs to work in sync with digital activity, or a social media presence that needs to support your brand’s advertising, an agency can integrate your marketing activities and make them work effectively.

Do you need a stronger online presence?

Have you had a look at your competitors and noticed they’re more active in the digital marketplace and you want a slice of that pie?

A digital marketing agency can help you.

You don’t even need to know where to start before you hire an agency, for their purpose is to find the gaps in your marketing plan and ascertain what will work best to target your customers.

Whether it’s weekly blog posts or an integrated and polished social media presence, a digital marketing agency can provide the expertise to beef up your online presence.

Talk to the marketing experts

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