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Why a journalist should be writing content for your business

In the online world, content is king. It’s important to create quality content that will make a lasting impression and give value to your readers.

Content written by a journalist will not only be stronger, it will also be a smart way to invest in your marketing and achieve real results.

It’s no news that written content is an important part of a marketing strategy. We’ve spoken before about how articles can generate leads and turn prospects into paying customers. We’ve also explained why quality content helps you to perform better in Google and how you can get the most from your blog posts and reach the right people using social media.

At Assemblo we take the quality of our content seriously and ensure that journalists and qualified writers write our content.

Still not convinced? Here are five good reasons why a journalist should be writing content for your business.

1. Journalists can produce quality

Writers with a journalism background know how to write to a high standard thanks to industry training. In particular, journalists who have trained at a newspaper or online news agency have developed skills to write succinctly while including all the necessary details. You’ll barely have to edit their work.

2. Journalists understand and respect deadlines

When you hire a journalist, you’re getting someone who has experience working to weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly deadlines – because news works that fast. Unlike an inexperienced writer, journalists have had deadlines drilled into them from the get-go. There’s no such thing as writer’s block with a journalist, they simply get the job done.

3. Journalists have strong research skills

Ever wondered how online news agencies are able to find the sources for a story in no time at all? Journalists are taught how to find accurate information – and find it fast. How does this benefit you? The content journalists write for your business will be original and well-researched, with relevant sources appropriately cited. This means your content will be credible and you won’t need to worry that it’s been lifted from somewhere else.

4. Journalists have integrity

Many journalists have had to adhere to a strict code of ethics and write stories that share facts accurately and honestly. They also strive for balanced and unbiased storytelling. While a journalist may write commercial content, such as paid blog posts for your company, you can trust that they’ll do so in a respectful way by obtaining information through interviews, fact checking and by quoting reputable sources.

5. Journalists are great storytellers

Journalists have been trained to ‘hook’ people in from the beginning and they always look for a fresh angle.

You can be assured that no matter what the content you are asking journalists to write, they will find the nub of the story in even the simplest of topics, and take the reader along for a ride.

Journalists will be able to identify stories in your business that can be told in a newsworthy style, putting the main ‘gist’ of the message right up front to grab the reader’s attention. The bonus for you? More people will read your content. 

Discover the value of great content

If you’d like to find out how written articles and a content marketing strategy can boost your business, call Assemblo on (03) 9079 2555 or send us details via our contact form below.

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