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Stop treating digital as an isolated aspect of your marketing mix

Do you treat your digital channels separately to other channels on your marketing plan? Think again.

If you’re planning your digital marketing activity separately from your traditional marketing channels then you’re probably missing out on some pretty powerful opportunities.

Going back to marketing basics, you know that if you only use print, radio or press in isolation to communicate your message, you’re not going to be running a very effective campaign.

When it comes to marketing, the concept of “effective frequency” is commonly applied to campaigns because consumers often need to be exposed to an advertising message several times before the marketer achieves the intended response.

It’s said that people need to see or hear your message at least seven times before the message sinks in and they take action, meaning an isolated ad on one platform just won’t cut it.

Your website, social media, content strategy, SEM/PPC and SEO are all marketing functions that work in the same way as a TV ad spot or DL flyer drop. So, why do marketers still insist on planning their digital campaigns separately, and often as an after-thought?

A fully-integrated approach

We’ve now reached a point where a digital specialist is as crucial to a company as a designer or copywriter, and planners should have a strong understanding of integrating digital platforms into the business objectives of their marketing plans from day dot.

For every aspect of marketing, it’s important to consider which platform will be most effective for delivery.

Whether you choose print, TV, radio or the web, each platform should inform and support the other’s delivery and service the overall business goal.

An example might be when you are planning a TV spot – ensure you reach a wider market by also making a 30 second or 10 second version for social media campaigns such as Instagram or Facebook, and think about how your message will translate if your video is viewed without sound.

Or, if you create a radio script, use snippets of the text for your Facebook advertising campaign or on your website. If you run some print advertorial in a newspaper or magazine, use a shorter version for your blog.

Considering digital at the early stages of your campaign, rather than at the end, leads to a more cohesive and cost-effective campaign.

Digital is a key part of your marketing mix

Digital, as a medium, should not be viewed or used in isolation to other marketing mediums. Rather, it should be used to support marketing done via other channels.

Different audience segments prefer to consume different mediums, so having your message spread across a range of mediums (such as digital, TV, radio, print) means you can reach a wider audience and not be limited to capturing  an audience using only one medium. Some people prefer to catch their news at 6pm while cooking dinner, others might read the headlines from their mobile device on the train home from work.

Mobile has dramatically influenced the way people consume media and marketing campaigns should easily integrate with traditional mediums as your target audience goes about their day.

Digital marketing can even be used to test concepts and audience segments quickly before rolling out more costly, and permanent, advertising in print, radio or television.

Limiting your marketing to just one channel limits the reach of how far your message will go. Just using digital or just using print to share your message will be limited to only those audiences and therefore won’t perform that effectively.

So, ensure when you create a marketing campaign you consider your digital channels alongside all other mediums. It’s a far more effective way to get more bang for your buck, and ensure the message you’ve created reaches as wide a distribution as possible.

Do you need help bringing digital out of isolation in your marketing?

Assemblo is a full-service agency with strong experience in integrating effective digital strategies with traditional marketing. To find out how we can help your business, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or drop us a note via our contact form below.

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