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Why marketers should include mobile in their marketing mix

There are a few good reasons why marketers should consider mobile as a platform to reach their target audience.

Mobile is no longer just used by millennials. Instead, the platform offers an opportunity to reach a huge demographic purchasing products, services or simply using their mobile to access entertainment.

Speaking at the 2016 Interactive Minds Digital Summit, Melissa Verner Green of Facebook said marketers should consider mobile as a channel, and that mobile should be part of a brand’s advertising and marketing mix.

In the last year alone, mobile use has grown so that on average, “people are spending three hours per day on their mobile,” said Verner Green.

According to this CMO article, mobile now offers a unique advantage to marketers who wish to target particular audiences based on consumer industry segments.

Marketers can select their target audience down to their location, with further opportunities to drill down to the nuts and bolts of usage patterns and behavior, meaning savvy marketing hits its target.

Where the last few years saw the shift from reading news articles on mobile devices to purchasing products and services and taking advantage of the increased camera functions on mobiles, the latest shift has most definitely gone towards video.

Verner Green adds that the key focus for mobile marketing should be video.

“Mobile is changing the way people consume and the way people express themselves,” she said.

“The future of expression on mobile is video – 75 per cent of all mobile data traffic will be video by 2020,” she said.

From Instagram to Uber to online shopping, it’s clear our mobile usage can offer unique insights into key demographics. Mobile represents a huge opportunity for savvy marketers to use data measurements to reach these markets.


According to InMobi’s principal research scientist, Ian Anderson, mobile data is one of the best assets a marketer can tap into.

“You can’t lie to your phone – it knows where you’ve been,” he said.

Instagram reported a 40 per cent increase in the time people spent watching videos on the platform in the past six months. And it’s not just millennials keeping up with the Kardashians – 72 per cent of dads and 68 per cent of mums (according to this data) log in daily, representing a huge chunk of the marketplace ready to view content on the platform.

There’s no doubt about it – mobile marketing is the quickest way to reach your consumer. Their phones are in their pocket, in their ears, on the kitchen bench, next to the desk at work.

From purchases to monitoring heart rates, maps and mood boards, mobile represents an enormous opportunity to get to know your consumer and reach them with the right messages.

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