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Why you should advertise your business in niche publications

Sales reps from major newspapers and magazines will happily tell you why you should spend your business advertising dollars on their publications.

Their pitch will usually involve the words “bigger”, “high-selling” and “glossy”, and come accompanied with a list of some of the world’s most established and recognisable brands who also advertise with them.

But what they don’t tell you is that ditching the large, broad interest magazines and newspapers for more niche publications will not only save your business a bucket of money, it will deliver your brand to a highly targeted and relevant audience, and yield marketing results the big boys can only dream of.

Here’s why advertising in niche publications is a smart marketing move.

Niche publications target niche audiences

While a certain number of readers of mainstream publications will probably be interested in your product or service, if you advertise in a niche publication, almost every reader will be significantly interested or even passionate about it.

For example, a company that sells baby food and advertises in a daily newspaper will hit some interested readers.

However, if that same advertiser published in a parenting magazine, they could be certain that practically every reader will have a current interest in and passion for the product.

Niche publications have better cut-through

Niche magazines tend to be published less frequently than mainstream magazines and therefore have a longer ‘shelf life’.

They will sit in offices, waiting rooms and coffee tables for long periods, sometimes even months, before they are replaced with the next edition.

During this time, they will be read by more people, and be available to be picked up and put down several times by those who come across them regularly.

The rarity of the publication also increases its perceived value, so the messages contained within and brands associated with it hold greater power.

A niche publication that Assemblo produces is The Camberwell Citizen, which targets a highly-engaged local audience in Melbourne’s suburb of Camberwell and surrounds.

Advertisement spots in this publication are limited, meaning the brands that do secure a space cut through and truly connect with readers.

Niche publications have fewer competing advertisers

Businesses that advertise in broader, mainstream magazines are often competing with bigger and better-established brands.

Niche publications, on the other hand, allow your brand to stand out from the crowd.

The Camberwell Citizen issue 2

Assemblo produces niche publication The Camberwell Citizen.

Niche publications offer better affinity with the content

Advertising in niche publications perfectly aligns your brand with the content of the title, giving it seamless and instant credibility and context.

In broader publications it can be tricky to find the same kind of content match for your advertisement, and often this can jar the reader and make your ad stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Niche publications offer access to unique distribution networks

Having a publication read by the right readers relies on the publication falling into the right laps.

This is why distribution networks are so important – and is another advantage that niche publications have over general publications.

Rather than being spread indiscriminately in retail outlets, niche publications are often available at highly targeted locations.

They might be letterboxes in specific suburbs, cafes or restaurants, maternal health centres or play centres, or tourist information centres.

Whatever the location is, it will be where the maximum number of interested, invested and activated consumers are located, and where your advertisement can most effectively pack a punch.

Interested to know more?

If you’re looking to produce a niche publication for your brand or want to find ways to advertise your business to a highly targeted audience, we can help.

At Assemblo, we have a team of publishing experts including journalists, editors, photographers and designers who are eager to help your business thrive.

To find out how we can help you, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or drop us a line via the contact form below.

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