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Three ways to create a killer remarketing campaign

Did you know that remarketing to customers will make them 70% more likely to convert? In the age of digital marketing, context has become king, rewarding marketers and brands who understand how to effectively contextualise their retargeting ads.

In this article, we’ll look at three killer tips that will enhance your remarketing tactics.

1. Your audiences make or break a remarketing campaign

The effectiveness of a remarketing campaign is dependent on how you segment your audiences and the rules you associate with each one. The more audiences you create, the more accurately you can target buying stages and tailor your messaging.

When setting up remarketing rules, one thing to consider is cross-remarketing. This refers to setting up rules with polar opposite workflows. For example, if you’re a mobile app developer, you could serve a remarketed ad directing the same users who read an article on your website about mobile app platforms to a mobile app development landing page. You could then also create an opposing audience where you serve a remarketed article to the same users who visited your landing page.

2. Don’t burn your customers out

The two most common mistakes digital marketers make when remarketing running the same generic ads over and over, and serving ads to people who have already converted.

There’s nothing worse than constantly serving an ad for a product your customer has already purchased. Not only is it a waste of money, it’s not very subtle. Ads like this stand out and might even annoy your customers. To avoid this, ensure you implement a tracking code on your website or landing page which tracks site visits, and a code that tracks conversion. You can then use audience managers in your advertising tools to exclude people who have already converted.

Additionally, make sure you create a variety of remarketing ads to keep things fresh in order to avoid ad fatigue among customers, people will tune out your ads pretty quickly if they’re always seeing the exact same message and image. Consider doing the following:

    • Prepare a number of different images for your ads and cycle through them over time (this also gives you a great opportunity to A/B split test to enhance your conversion rate)
    • Use a variety of messages in your ad copy (this will also help you to test your messages)
    • Create a variety of banner sizes for display ads

"Remarketing to customers will make them 70% more likely to convert"

3. Differentiate between on-site behaviours

Understanding the difference between various customer on-site behaviours and the intent behind their actions can drastically improve conversion rates, especially for e-commerce stores. The most common issue is centred on overzealous remarketing and browse abandonment.

Just because someone clicks on a product page does not necessarily mean they need to be remarketed to. There’s a chance they might not actually be interested in buying the product. How many times have you browsed an online store, read a product description, looked at the photos and decided it wasn’t for you? Next thing you know, you’re getting served Facebook and banner ads for that product everywhere you go.

Marketers will find they can dramatically increase the effectiveness of remarketing campaigns and drive conversions through building audiences based on stronger signals of intent. Some strong browse abandonment signals worth exploring are:

  • Users who spent a long time on the particular product page, for example more than 30 seconds
  • Users who looked at the same product more than once
  • Users who browsed several items within a product category
  • Users who conducted a site search for a specific product.

Using remarketing channels within your marketing mix is an excellent way to facilitate your customers along the buying process. It takes creativity, customer-centric thinking and a lot of work. But, if done right, it can provide incredible value to your business.

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