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Three easy steps to turn a good landing page into a great one

More and more marketers are finally using landing pages for their digital ad campaigns, but not all of them are effective at bringing in new leads.

Here are 3 simple ways you can optimise your landing pages (also known as squeeze pages) to enhance the user experience, and ultimately make visitors convert.

1. Separate your landing pages from your website home page

Did you know that 44% of digital ads lead to a company’s home page rather than a specific landing page with a tailored message or offer?

When the user clicks on an ad with a specific message, they expect to be directed to a page that supports that message. When they arrive at your home page, not only is this poor message matching, but it also introduces a new issue – distractions.

Think about your company’s home page and how many links it has… the about us page, product pages, news pages, contact us pages, plus all the offers you’re running. The visitor will no doubt be overwhelmed with all the links vying for their attention. They may either die trying to find the offer they clicked on buried within your pages, get distracted by something less important and forget why they even came, or just leave at the sight of your home page.

By having a focused landing page with only one clear course of action, you simplify the process and show the visitor exactly what they need to do, making their journey to conversion town a simple and enjoyable experience.


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2. Match your ads with your landers

Have you ever clicked on an ad for something and then thought to yourself “what the hell is this page? This isn’t what I clicked on”. This train of thought happens all too often in the digital space, and stems from the messages in ads not matching what the user is shown after they click on the ad. Not only does this waste your money if you are paying on a cost per click basis, it also results in you missing out on valuable leads.

This problem can be easily solved by always ensuring your landing pages have a clear headline that captures the essence of what the page is about and what the visitor can expect from the page.

According to a study done by Media Corpus, only 20% of landing page visitors even read the body text on your page. This means that you’re losing 80% of people at the headline, showing just how crucial it is to get your headline right.

To further strengthen your message match, add a secondary headline underneath the main one to support the initial message, reinforcing it in the visitors mind.

Once you have the headline(s) tweaked and oozing with awesomeness, ensure that any banner or AdWords ads you run send a message that’s aligned with the landing page and its headline(s).

Only 20% of landing page visitors even read the body text on your page.

3. Always make sure there’s a next step

Don’t let filling in a contact form or downloading an ebook be the end of it, add a confirmation or thank-you page. Let this be an opportunity for you to foster a new relationship with someone who is interested in your offer, product and business.

A confirmation page can be so many things. It can be an opportunity to provide some follow up marketing by letting a customer know about your other products, asking the visitor to tell their friends about you, or follow you on social media. It can give you a chance to really delight your visitor with an enticing bonus offer.

A confirmation page can be used to provide additional information and links that would have been overwhelming on your landing page.

Need help creating an effective landing page?

Effective landing pages are the cornerstone of a targeted digital marketing campaign. They provide a simple and succinct destination for your ads, and help guide visitors through the conversion process.

By ensuring the headlines of your landing page align with the message of your online ads you will enhance the customers journey and guide them through to the ultimate goal of being your next number one customer.

Want to know more? Contact Assemblo and find out how we can help you make the most of your landing pages and online ads.

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