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How to create an effective landing page that converts

The marketing strength of a landing page is its singular focus on conversion. Here’s how you can maximise its effectiveness.

Even if you have the most basic of websites, chances are, it’s a very busy place.

There’s information about your products and services, and something about the company’s history, all alongside contact information, and testimonials and other essential information.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes, if you want people to focus on a specific action, your website is the wrong place to send them.

A landing page is a webpage created for a particular marketing or advertising campaign that has one singular purpose: to drive the visitor to take a particular action.

That action could be to register for an event, purchase a certain product, download an e-book, or request a quote.

A visitor arrives at a landing page after they click on email links, Instagram or Facebook posts, or paid ads on Google or social media.

The marketing strength of a landing page is its singular focus on conversion. Here’s how you can maximise that:

Step 1: Define your goal

Before you even begin to create a landing page, it’s important to have in the front of your mind what you want to achieve – and the answer is simple: to generate leads and convert them into sales.

Put a number on conversions you want your landing page to achieve: 1,000 tins of paint sold, 250 tickets booked, or 500 contacts made.

Every decision you make about your landing page should reflect this goal.

Step 2: Choose words wisely

Right now, potential clients and customers are deciding whether to choose your product or service.

The copywriting on your landing page needs to be entirely focused on answering these three questions: Why your product or service? Why your company to deliver it? Why do they need to act right now?

The copy should make it clear what the customer needs to do next. Adding a sense of urgency or a special offer can convince the customer that the time to act is now, rather than waiting.


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Step 3: Create a design that pops

It’s easy to get carried away with colours, fonts, and layout, but make sure you do not lose sight of the reason you are creating a landing page.

Every design choice should have a focus on a seamless and friendly user experience and, most importantly, funnel people towards conversion.

However, make sure you don’t cannibalise your branding. You’ve worked hard to create a brand that people recognise, trust and that speaks to your core marketing objectives, and you need to work within these.

Step 4: Insert trust signals

Trust signals are little reminders to the reader that your business is credible and trustworthy.

You might want to include testimonials, mentions of your company in the media, or a list of names of well-known brands you’ve worked with.

While it’s crucial to create trust in your marketing efforts, it’s equally important to steer away from ‘hard sell’ jargon too, as it can make potential clients suspicious.

Step 5: Make registration easy

When it comes to your landing page, the golden rule of registration forms is to make them as simple and short as possible.

Of course, the more information you have about a client, the better you are able to meet their needs. But remember, every step of registration also provides an opportunity and excuse for the customer to leave. There will be plenty of time to find out more about the customer once you have established a relationship with them.

Aim for a registration process that takes less than three minutes.

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