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How digital marketing helps government increase their reach and efficiency

If you work in government, you’re often faced with meeting the challenge of delivering projects to tight budgets and deadlines.

On top of this, it’s vital to make sure the community is kept abreast of what’s happening, so they know about project outcomes.

That’s why digital marketing offers the perfect solution, allowing government departments to fulfil their marketing activities in an affordable and timely manner.

Digital marketing can also help councils and government departments to meet the public’s rising expectations of digital experiences, save money and stick to budgets, and deliver measurable outcomes.

Additionally, digital marketing synergises extremely well with your traditional marketing activity to create a dramatically more effective marketing mix.

Through Assemblo’s experience with government programs, here’s some of the ways we’ve helped local councils and government departments benefit from digital marketing:

Reach more people for less

By applying tried and tested techniques, digital marketing activities and campaigns can deliver efficiencies and savings for governments.

Compared to traditional marketing, such as print and television, where production and output costs are high, digital marketing offers a more affordable solution for government to reach a wider net of people.

Digital marketing activities and digital advertising campaigns can be designed to meet a set budget.

Digital and social media advertising is a powerful way to reach a bigger audience with small budgets, giving government departments more bang for their buck.

An added bonus of digital and social media advertising is that it allows marketing messages to be targeted based on geographic location (geo-targeting), which is an ideal metric for local councils and government departments looking to reach a relevant and local audience.

Go where the people are spending time

From websites to social media channels, digital platforms are growing and people are increasingly spending time online.

This presents a sound case for government departments to be active on digital mediums across all aspects of their marketing activities, whether it be online surveys, educational articles or digital advertising.

Not only will this allow government to keep members of the public informed, it also gives the public the option to interact with the government through whichever digital medium suits them.

Digital marketing activity is made for frequency, and our campaigns are designed to get in front of people numerous times to capture an audience when they are active online.

Use digital marketing to support government services

As digital platforms become an increasingly common way for the public to access and use government services, digital marketing can be used to promote and direct people to the right online services.

Government departments can use digital communications and marketing activities to funnel people to the right services at the right times, providing efficiency savings for government and giving members of the public better outcomes.

Councils and government departments can implement digital marketing to support their public services, making them more efficient and effective.

These efforts not only help government departments to improve trust and connection between the public and the services that their taxes pay for, but also allows them to meet their objectives of raising awareness and increasing community feedback and engagement.

Assemblo has experience working with local councils and government departments to fulfil digital marketing activities to strict timelines and limited budgets, while meeting core business objectives.

One example is an interactive website we built for Small Business Festival (State Government of Victoria). The site had to adhere to strict standards, support a range of web browsers and correlate data from an existing CRM while offering users a visually engaging and functional digital experience. Integration with social media and a strong SEO (search engine optimised) framework helped the site perform exceptionally well.

Another example is an educational digital resource we built for The City of Yarra. It documented and celebrated the Aboriginal history of the Yarra City region, giving people the chance to experience the information on an interactive walking tour of sites of significance in the local area from their mobile phones and devices.

Both of these projects not only allowed the government departments to offer the public a valuable and resourceful online tool, they were also delivered within strict time and budget constraints and helped the departments to meet key business targets.

Need to create digital experiences for government?

If you work for a local council or government department and are looking for digital marketing solutions, Assemblo can help.

We create digital experiences underpinned by strategy and data to help councils and government departments deliver cost-effective and results-driven solutions.

Our digital marketing offering includes websites, strategic content production, social media management, email newsletters and other custom digital products.

To find out how we can help your local council or government department achieve success in your next marketing campaign, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or complete the form below.

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