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Why traditional marketing is still important for retail precincts

Savvy retail precincts understand that traditional marketing tactics haven’t just stood the test of time – they can actually elevate their digital marketing.

In the world of retail precincts, new is a big word. Retail precincts are always keen to promote new products, new promotions, new stores. They know that the irresistible pull of the new is a great way to entice shoppers to visit.

What many fail to realise, though, is that the most effective marketing tactics are sitting right beneath their noses. They’ve always been there; often they’ve been a part of their past marketing. Yet, in the world of digital marketing, these tactics are sometimes pushed to the back.

Savvy retail precincts understand that traditional marketing tactics haven’t just stood the test of time – they can actually elevate their digital marketing.

And we’ve got the proof.

Traditional marketing is influential for retail

While many of us enjoy the convenience of online shopping, it turns out that we still love an in-person shopping day.

In fact, the Ayden Australia 2022 Retail Report reveals that 73 per cent of us still prefer to shop in a bricks-and-mortar store.

And it’s a growing love affair. The survey shows that 34 per cent of people said that since the pandemic, their appreciation of in-store shopping has grown.

Physical retail stores also play an important role in online shopping, with 67 per cent of the survey’s respondents claiming that physically seeing or touching a product in a store leads to them going online later and purchasing it.

What are examples of traditional marketing for retailers?

Traditional marketing tactics have been used by retail precincts for years, and for good reason – they work.

Print products are still popular because they stay with the consumer long after they have left the store, walked back from the mailbox, or thrown away the packaging from an online purchase. They include business cards, magazines, flyers, brochures and coupons.

Advertising on the radio can take the form of conventional paid advertising slots, as well as advertisements read out by popular broadcasters or marketing collaborations with the radio station.

Television advertisements are one of the most expensive traditional marketing tactics, but are still popular due to allowing brands to connect to customers in their home, and the ability to schedule advertising to particular programs that are aligned with a business’ core offering and audience interest.

Billboards are large and dominate the landscape for commuters, who usually are exposed to it daily. Other forms of outdoor advertising include banners and signage at events and festivals, sandwich boards outside stores, as well as shop signage and retail window displays.

Face-to-face marketing can be a real marketing game-changer. Human contact is a powerful way to market to customers because of the depth of engagement. Face-to-face marketing can include meetings, product demonstrations, shopping centre booths, exhibitions and events.

The Camberwell Citizen

The Camberwell Citizen newspaper is a good example of a print product that works effectively to market a retail precinct.

Digital marketing is important for reinforcement

Now, while we are making the case for traditional retail marketing, we’re not saying that digital is less effective. It just plays a different role – and that role is reinforcement.

All marketing tactics, whether traditional or digital, should be designed to work together, each adding block by block to drive customers through the buying cycle, from awareness to research to purchase. It’s why we bang on about the importance of having an effective marketing mix.

Digital can really bolster a traditional retail marketing campaign. For example, say you’re a store that sells sports shoes and you’re running a competition to promote the latest shoe. You might have entry forms in your store, and you might promote the competition in your store window, in a radio ad, and with flyers. Promoting the competition online can add to the participation rate and trigger the memory of someone who saw the traditional marketing tactics, leading to them entering the competition online.

Holistic marketing is the best approach

In the biz, we see a lot of argy-bargy between traditional marketing agencies and new digital agencies, each proclaiming why their niche marketing area is the most effective. The truth is, they are both right.

The most successful marketing campaigns are those that incorporate both traditional and digital tactics, each working together to create a strong and effective campaign.

When you come to choosing an agency to deliver your marketing needs, you want one that understands the strengths of both and how to use them synergistically. That’s because there are huge benefits to gain from a holistic marketing approach.

Speak to the retail marketing experts at Assemblo

Assemblo is a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, with the knowledge and experience across all aspects of traditional retail marketing and the latest in digital marketing strategies.

We work with retail precincts to bring shoppers to the precinct, and increase sales to all their stores.

To find out how we can help your retail precinct, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or send us a note via the contact form below.

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