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How social media is changing amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way many businesses operate, but it hasn’t stopped the social media giants from evolving.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have continued to innovate and release new services for marketers and the wider public throughout the pandemic.

Social media remains a pivotal part of any marketing strategy, especially for storytelling and communicating a message about your brand.

Here are some of the latest changes to the social media universe:

TikTok launches marketing platform

TikTok launched its marketing platform, TikTok for Business, in June to help businesses ‘flip traditional marketing on its head’.

‘Don’t make ads, make TikToks’ is the company’s main pitch, focusing on giving brands and marketers the tools to be creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with the TikTok community.

TikTok is testing a platform called creator marketplace in select regions, where brands can find and team up with content creators for paid brand campaigns.

“Brands have taken notice that being yourself is good for business, and we aim to continue providing a platform so they can build a meaningful presence,” wrote Katie Puris, managing director, global business marketing at TikTok.

Instagram opens marketplace to more businesses

Instagram introduced its Instagram Shop service to businesses in the US earlier this year, offering a new way to find and buy products found on the app.

Instagram users can find collections at @shop and browse products from their favourite brands and creators.

The service allows users to filter by categories like home and beauty, as well as buy the looks they love in the one place.

The company said they were launching a new shop tab in the navigation bar this year to help users find the Instagram Shop feature more easily.

Twitter unveils voice tweets

Twitter began testing voice tweets in June to “add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter”, the company said.

To voice tweet, users just open the tweet composer and tap the wavelength icon to record a message with up to 140 seconds of audio.

Voice tweets will appear on their timeline alongside other tweets and Twitter users can listen to it simply by tapping the playback image.

Initially, voice tweets will only be available to a limited group of users, but everyone will be able to see and hear them.

Facebook makes over news feed, improves Creator Studio

The social media platform revamped its desktop news feed in May, streamlining its navigation to make it easier to find videos, games and groups.

The makeover includes a new dark mode, allowing Facebook users to minimise screen glare in low light conditions.

Facebook also updated its Creator Studio app, so that users can create posts within the latest version of the app.

Creator Studio, which was launched earlier this year, now brings together all the tools that users need to post, manage, monetise, and measure content across Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

LinkedIn trials stories in Australia

LinkedIn began trialling its Stories feature in June this year to allow members to share images and short videos during a 24-hour period, similar to the Stories feature on Instagram and Facebook.

Users and companies can create, post and view stories via the LinkedIn mobile app.

The feature is initially being tested in Australia, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and the UAE, but will be released to other markets soon.

Speak to the social media experts

Social media is constantly changing, so it’s critical to keep up to date with new features and service changes to ensure your marketing is performing at its best.

As a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, Assemblo has a team of social media experts who can elevate your social media, connect your brand with new customers and help your business grow.

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