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How to elevate your social media in the new year

The new year can bring vitality and a fresh perspective after some time away over the festive season.

There are a few small yet beneficial things you can do to elevate your social media.

Here are some tips:

Advertise while it’s affordable

The importance of social media advertising shouldn’t be underestimated, especially while it’s affordable.

Advertising on social media is an incredibly cost-effective way to reach new customers and promote your brand.

Entrepreneur and internet-famous marketer Gary Vaynerchuk said while social media advertising is so cheap, if a business isn’t on board, it’s a missed opportunity.

“If you do not spend a disproportionate amount of your time… figuring out Facebook and Instagram, you will leave an enormous amount of money on the table,” he said.

He said we are in a moment in history, like when we transitioned from the radio to the television or when the internet first emerged, where we are grossly underestimating the price we’re paying for attention.

If you’re running a business, it’s time to get serious about social media advertising.

Embrace storytelling

We all love a good story and for many marketers working in social media, storytelling is part of their job.

Storytelling is about communicating an idea, a lesson, theory or other information in a sequence known as a narrative.

Today, it’s important to tell a story on social media in new and captivating ways, often within short timeframes.

Take a look at existing brands and social media accounts that are using storytelling in compelling ways. Think about the ways that your brand can share its story.

Be clear on why you’re creating stories – define the intention and build your story around that.

And how can you do this on a smaller scale, such as through a 60-second video on Instagram or a micro blog on Facebook?

When generating ideas, it can be helpful to create a mood board or brainstorm with your colleagues.

Alternatively, topic generators, Google Trends and asking your audience for ideas are all ways you can generate fresh ideas for your content.

Leverage your blog posts

Even if a quality article ranks number one in search engines for various keyword queries, its traffic acquisition is limited by the number of times people conduct searches that match the keywords your article ranks on.

The way to capitalise on the blog post and the traffic search results brings you, is to leverage them on social media.

Sharing your articles on your social media channels is a great way to help drive extra traffic to your website at no additional cost.

It keeps your brand top of mind among your followers (because chances are, they’ll also be following your competitors) as it continually exposes them to your brand’s content.

Blog posts provide a breath of fresh air when it comes to content consumption amidst all the ‘sale on now’ and ‘new arrivals’ messages that bombard news feeds.

Articles build brand authority and affinity, illustrating to your followers that you are the go-to brand for a specific product or product category

It ensures you’re there for your followers to satisfy any informational needs they may have.

Need help with your social media?

At Assemblo, we’re passionate about social media. And we love nothing more than combining a solid social media strategy with a mix of content production and digital advertising to achieve the best results.

As a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, we create tailored social media and content marketing plans for our clients, with a strong focus on achieving results.

Interested to know more? To find out how we can elevate your social media marketing, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or send us details via the contact form below.

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