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Parc Vue Project Botanic

Located just 14km north east of Melbourne’s CBD and neighbouring the expansive Bundoora Park, Parc Vue has been designed by Parc Vue Project Botanic as an architectural response to its idyllic location.

Bundoora combines suburban lifestyle with a natural setting, and Parc Vue was developed to offer inner city living alongside nature.

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Showcasing a community of contrast in Bundoora

Parc Vue Project Botanic required a digital presence that would showcase the native and natural wonders of Bundoora alongside its modern conveniences and amenities. As a three-stage residential project with a hotel component, the site needed to act as a master plan showcase for the entire development project.

The Parc Vue master plan showcases how the property development integrates with the history, beauty and liveability of Bundoora. To illustrate this focus, a white bordered frame sits around the website to draw the eye to the narrative, separating the user interface of the web browser. Images are showcased in carousels, featuring bold photography and illustrations.

Striking typography and illustration inspired by the local native flora and fauna are consistent across all stages of Parc Vue. These elements feature heavily throughout the Parc Vue website, and are brought to life through the magic of HTML5 parallax animation. Users experience this effect while scrolling through the site, making for a more memorable interaction with the development.

The Parc Vue master plan website features lots of intricate details and hidden secrets, just like the physical development in Bundoora. Beautiful transitions and interactive animations keep the site interactive, while the footer teases at the local flora and fauna with random photography hidden beneath the main content.

Each stage of the property development features animated illustrations inspired by their unique brands.

A news section on the site showcases local news and stories, as well as press and media from the Parc Vue development. The site is also integrated with social media.

An interactive map of the local area allows users to explore the region on desktop and mobile alike, with filters to show key attractions and amenities.

The site is built on a customised WordPress backend, making it easy for the client to maintain and update the site as the project evolves. The site integrates with detailed analytics tools to make it easy to see what users are doing and how they’re interacting, creating a strong base for ongoing marketing activity.

Parc Vue in action
Parc Vue typography
Parc Vue - article

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