Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association

The AMCA (Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association) is a nationwide industry body that represents businesses operating in the commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

Since 2019, Assemblo has worked closely with AMCA to translate their business objectives into an effective marketing framework to support their initiatives and, ultimately, add more value to their members and their industry

The business challenge

Support the HVAC industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

AMCA’s National Safe Work Month (NSWM) campaign focuses on a new theme each year and runs during October, aligning with Safe Work Australia’s initiative of the same name. This event provides an excellent opportunity for AMCA to support their members and add real value by tackling immediate issues that are affecting their members’ businesses.

Having observed the physical, mental and financial toll experienced by many workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMCA was looking to pivot their annual National Safe Work Month (NSWM) campaign to reflect the current climate and better support their industry.

The insight

Building resilience was key to tackling the impact of uncertainty during the pandemic

The year 2020 was a highly challenging time for the HVAC industry. With their members facing different restrictions and working conditions around the country, businesses needed support relating to health and safety in this unique environment. The AMCA needed to strategically leverage their modest campaign budget to best reach both management and tradesmen on the ground to provide effective outcomes across the board.

Working closely with the AMCA, mental health and, in particular, building resilience in the workforce was identified as a pivotal message to focus on. Building resilience can help foster strength in a range of situations, protect the mental health of employees, and create an empowered and confident workplace.

AMCA NWSM social media mobile
AMCA NWSM social media

The idea

Bring AMCA members together to build grit and resilience in the face of external challenges

Assemblo developed a multifaceted strategy to provide education and support to AMCA members and the building industry. The campaign, ‘Building resilience: It’s a team effort’, sought to help businesses to take an active approach to building grit and resilience in the workplace, creating an internal network to support mental health during this difficult period.

Assemblo brought the NSWM campaign to life through a rich, content-led marketing strategy that combined articles, infographics, email newsletters, and webinars alongside print and digital advertising activity across all of the AMCA’s social media channels.

These messages were amplified through social media advertising which drove traffic to a branded website portal, alongside supporting email blasts featuring content that was being created throughout the campaign. The website included a library of long-form content, infographics, webinars, and downloadable tools and resources for businesses.

“Assemblo’s work on our NSWM campaigns helped us reach our members in exciting new ways and really cut through to raise the profile of the AMCA in relation to these important issues.”

AMCA NWSM infographic mobile
AMCA NWSM mobile infographic

The impact

The NSWM campaign ran between October 14 and November 8 in 2020, and achieved the following results:

  • More than 403,000 unique users reached
  • More than 688,000 ad impressions served
  • 188% increase in unique site users for October
  • More than 10,000 pageviews on the AMCA website during the campaign.

In addition to strong reach, the campaign received excellent engagement, was well received by members, and allowed the AMCA to reach both senior management and employees in their industry.

The campaign achieved its primary objective of promoting resilience in the face of COVID-19 to existing members. It also helped the AMCA to reach their broader industry and raise awareness of their brand and purpose in the market.

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