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How video can work in your marketing mix

How can you better leverage video and make it work as part of your marketing mix? Here’s an overview.

Consumers and those who market to them move very quickly.

Only three years ago, video content was considered a fancy adjunct to your marketing strategy – and chances are it was one video splashed across all the socials and the entire marketing mix.

These days though, video is considered the cornerstone of digital marketing, with entire strategies built around it.

Consumers love video, and what’s not to love? It’s entertaining; it requires less effort than reading; and it passes the time on the commute.

The effectiveness and versatility of video has seen it embraced by marketers too, with video marketing now being implemented across many different industries.

For example, the beauty industry has pretty much nailed the makeup video tutorial; charities like Movember inject humorous videos into their fundraising; and in 2020, public health authorities used videos of fear and anguish to push the COVID-safe message.

So, how can you better leverage video and make it work as part of your marketing mix? Here’s an overview:

What are the different types of video marketing?

Brand videos

Brand videos are the soft sell of video marketing, and serve to convey the values and mission of the brand. Procter and Gamble’s #LikeAGirl campaign, for example, sent a strong statement of female empowerment attached to its brand, Always.

Product demonstration videos

Product demonstration videos grew from the success of television infomercials and are based on the premise that viewers will be so ‘wowed’ by a product they will need to get one for themselves.

Interview videos

Interview videos, such as Monash IVF’s successful ‘Let’s be brave together’ campaign featured diverse families sharing their paths to parenthood. It was simple, relatable storytelling.

How-to videos

Want to know how to apply fake tan? Create a child’s birthday cake? No matter what it is you need to know how to do, there’s a how-to video to show you, and explain why a particular product is the best for the job.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos show you how to use a product or demonstrate its features, and are most effective in scenarios where you might otherwise need someone standing over your shoulder. They’re particularly popular with computer software marketing.

Event videos

Events are great for marketing brands and products, but traditionally have the life span of the actual event. Event videos, featuring highlights and interviews, can prolong that.

Live videos

When Rihanna launched her FENTY SKIN line, she threw a party, and invited a whole heap of famous friends – and you. The event was live-streamed in video format and featured live chat and tutorials.

Benefits of video content

If you want to know why so many businesses are turning to video marketing, look no further than the figures.

Studies consistently show that video on a landing page can increase sales conversion by 80 per cent, and they also reveal that about 90 per cent of consumers claim video has played a part in their purchasing decision.

Explainer and how-to videos particularly engage consumers using the most basic marketing strategies: they present a problem, and show you how it can be solved. Video content builds brand awareness and trust in a deeply personal, one-to-one way.

Video marketing also has an excellent return on investment because it is shared in a way that other mediums can only dream of.

We’re thrilled by the latest Red Bull action video, so we send it to our mates and share it on our socials; we forward our significant others videos from tropical resorts and plan a mini-break; we share our new favourite cooking videos on Instagram; we search how to use that new electrical appliance and then share it in a relevant Facebook group.

In more recent times, the algorithms on social media platforms have favoured video content by making it more prominent in feeds and prioritising its engagement.

Is it time to include video in your marketing mix?

The power of video marketing is also in its ability to sit within and alongside other elements of your marketing mix, including email marketing, landing pages, social media, print, and search.

Assemblo is a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, and we can help grow your business with a marketing strategy that makes the most of video in conjunction with your other marketing activities.

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