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What are brand values?

Brand values are what your business stands for – they guide your brand’s actions and form the foundations of your brand identity.

‘Rebuild the World’ – it was a marketing campaign that stirred up strong emotions in almost everyone who experienced, at a time when COVID-19 was devastating the world.

The campaign featured LEGO figures, determined and resilient, building amazing homes and cities, which spring to life, bigger, better, and happier than ever before.

The message to kids and parents alike was we will get through this, and life will be better than before – and who didn’t need to hear that in 2020?

The Rebuild the World campaign wasn’t just the shot in the arm we all needed (pun intended), it was a campaign that perfectly conveyed LEGO’s brand values.

Parents had told LEGO that the values they felt are most important to their child’s future success and wellbeing were confidence, resilience, communication, problem-solving and decision making. The Rebuild the World campaign told the world that the brand encapsulates all these values.

The #RebuildTheWorld hashtag was used nearly 100,000 times during the first four days after the campaign launch.

The campaign was a demonstration of brand values, and if you’ve never thought about them before, it’s time you did.

What are brand values?

Whether or not we think about them, we all have values.

We value time with our kids (that’s why we turn our phones off at the weekend); we value honesty (that’s why we get grumpy when leaders fudge the truth); we value human life (that’s why we drive safely).

You may not have thought about it much, but your business has values too.

Brand values are what your company stands for. They might be health, environmental sustainability, or simplifying our lives, for example.

Brand values are what guide the brand’s actions and they are the foundations of your brand identity.

The strongest, most successful brands are the ones that have their brand values reflected in all their marketing activity, such as social media posts, printed publications, store signage, and the way employees interact with customers on online chat or in-store assistance.

Examples of brand values

Pinpointing exactly what your brand values are or what you would like them to be involves taking a deep dive into what drives it.

It can be helpful to think of your company as though it was a person. What values would you like that person to have?

Here are some examples of some common brand values:

  • Quality: You want to deliver the best product that helps many people
  • Leadership: Your company sets the standard for the industry
  • Integrity: Your company is trustworthy and honest
  • Passion: Your company cares about what it does and what it offers
  • Diversity: Your company embraces all people.

How do you write brand values?

Looking at the list of brand values you want to have reflected in your marketing, now you need to decide exactly how you’ll translate these brand values into your marketing.

Here are some tips:

1. Be bold

Strongly and loudly proclaim your brand values.

For example: We care about the environment, which is why we use 100 per cent renewable energy. We care about your experiences with the business, tell us what you think.

2. Build connections with customers using your brand values

Social media posts, for example, should share your values, and offer a great way to connect with customers who comment on or share your posts.

Website chat is also a great place to demonstrate your values when you directly connect with customers.

3. Be distinct

Use your brand values to set your brand apart from its competitors. Identify where your brand values differ and use these points of difference in your marketing.

Distinguish your brand values from your goals

It’s worth pointing out that brand values are not goals, and in some cases, your brand values may be different from your business and marketing goals.

For example, your business goal may be to increase sales, whereas your brand values may include environmental sustainability or female empowerment. So how do brand values and business goals co-exist?

Think of it this way: goals are what you want your business to achieve; values are how your business behaves on the journey to getting there.

Why are brand values important?

While the concept of brand values might seem a bit ethereal, developing strong brand values can lead to improved brand awareness and lead to tangible bottom line results.

Strong brand values can lead to customer loyalty and business growth. Customers are people and people like connecting with like-minded others and brands.

Customers who are proud of their own values feel good about using brands that support these values and telling others about their buying decision.

Increasingly, employees are making career decisions based on shared values, and brand values can help a company recruit the best talent.

Brand values even assist in the day-to-day functioning of your business. They serve as a guide for everyday actions and broader decision-making.

Speak to the branding and marketing experts

When it comes to developing brand values, they should be reflected in your overall marketing strategy to ensure cohesion and consistency.

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