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Less is more: Why simple designs are more effective in marketing your brand

When it comes to graphic design for your brand, simplicity is key. Discover how simple designs can help your business to cut through the clutter.

Have you ever walked into a store and instantly felt claustrophobic? One of those places where the shelves are so packed that products are constantly falling off, and the music is blaring so loudly you can barely think?

Chances are your visit was a short one – if you didn’t walk right out, that is.

It’s the same reaction that consumers have to graphic design that is too cluttered or overly detailed.

When it comes to marketing and branding, less really is more, and that’s why some of the world’s most recognisable brands have the simplest look and feel.

Here are four key reasons why businesses should aim for simplicity in their designs:

1. Simple designs increase brand recognition

The most successful businesses in the world know that a powerful, simple design equals an unforgettable brand. Think of the Nike swish, Coca-Cola’s ribbon, McDonald’s golden arches.

Brands become iconic when a simple design goes beyond logos and straplines. The duck-egg blue of the Tiffany box is instantly recognisable, as is the purple foil of Cadbury chocolate packaging.

The savvy marketers behind these businesses understand that simple designs reinforce their brand in consumers’ minds.

2. Simple designs communicate more clearly

Simple brand designs communicate messages and ideas more powerfully than their fussier counterparts, simply because their meanings are less diluted. There’s no wading through a list of complex symbols, trying to decode their purpose or intention.

Simple graphic design is also a sign of honesty and transparency. When consumers see you aren’t trying to trick or dazzle them, they’re more likely to trust your business.

3. Simple designs improve cognitive fluency

Another reason to choose simple designs is that they are favoured by science.

Cognitive fluency is a concept based on neuroscientific and psychological research that demonstrates that, when faced with a decision, people prefer options that are easy to think about over more complicated or difficult options.

Simple and familiar designs create cognitive fluency far more effectively than intricate or involved designs, simply because basic designs are easier for our brains to consume.

4. Simple designs are timeless

Trends and fads have a short shelf life, so if your aim is for longevity, your marketing designs should be simple, elegant, and timeless.

Your branding should reflect the core purpose of your offering and the values of your business. What might be on trend, or an aesthetic that you personally prefer at the moment, shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

It’s important to remember that simple should not be mistaken for boring. This is where more sophisticated marketing strategies come into play, developing evocative emotions, memories, and aspirations attached to simple logos and designs.

Simple and effective branding to help your business stand out

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