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What is a marketing campaign?

Successful marketing campaigns are crucial to the growth of your brand or business. Here’s how you can plan effective marketing campaigns that generate results.

In the minds of many, a great marketing campaign is one that you remember. It’s the celebrity endorsement, the billboard you see everywhere, the TV ad on high rotation. These types of marketing campaigns require a lot of cash, and big teams full of slick marketing professionals.

The reality is that the most successful marketing has little to do with the number of people working for you or your marketing budgets.

What truly produces results for businesses is a solid marketing campaign.

What is a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaigns are strategic plans with tangible outcomes.

Outcomes can range from the specific (a certain amount of sales, the number of tickets sold to an event) to the less quantifiable (building brand trust and awareness, establishing a company as a leader in a particular field).

Marketing campaigns are the roadmaps to achieving those outcomes.

In the digital age, that roadmap looks less like a straight highway from point A to point B, and more like a series of connected roads carrying a variety of transports, intersecting at different points and working together to get you to your desired destination.

Modern marketing campaigns include a mix of channels, which may be any combination of content, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), print, radio and television ads, real life events or activations, and influencer engagements.

Strategic planning is crucial to connecting all these elements.

What are the elements of a marketing campaign?

There are several elements to a marketing campaign, which include the following:

Clearly defined purpose and budget

Knowing what you want to achieve and how much your business can invest will define the parameters of your marketing campaign.

A targeted audience

Who are you speaking to and what do you know about them?

Make sure your goals and your target audience are perfectly aligned. If there’s a disconnect, you may need to make some adjustments.

Meaningful content

Your brand’s social media, advertising, and content all need to add value to your audience. They must identify a problem and offer a solution, and establish your business as the best choice to provide that solution.

Marketing campaigns need to target their audiences at every stage of the sales funnel, including awareness, consideration, and purchase.

Research and planning

The best marketing campaigns have a tonne of research behind them: learnings from previous campaigns, a deep understanding of the market, and an intimate knowledge of how various channels achieve different results.


A marketing campaign doesn’t end when its last social media post goes live. In fact, that’s when some of the most important work happens.

Reporting and analysing the results and impacts of a campaign will influence your ongoing marketing efforts.

How do you plan out a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaign strategists must have an advanced knowledge of all marketing elements, from planning to execution to measurement.

It’s the role of the client to work closely with their agency in the early stages of developing a marketing campaign.

Businesses know better than anyone what their products are and who their audience is, as well as the goals they want to achieve.

The agency will take that information and feed it into the strategy.

Why is a marketing strategy critical to the success of your business?

Most business owners realise the importance of marketing. They understand that marketing spreads awareness of their product or service, and their brand.

But did you know that implementing an ad hoc marketing strategy can be worse than not marketing at all?

Marketing without the right strategy in place can lead to confused messaging, wishy-washy branding, and ambiguity around what a business is offering and its value.

Thinking about creating a marketing strategy?

Assemblo is a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne that can help your brand to develop an effective marketing strategy, tailored to your audience and business goals.

To learn how we can support you in creating the right marketing strategy, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or drop us a note via our contact form below.

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