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AI in marketing: how marketers can benefit from artificial intelligence

Businesses big and small are discovering that artificial intelligence marketing can significantly boost campaigns and grow profits. Here’s how it works.

Go back a couple of decades and ask kids what life in 2021 would look like and it probably involves a fair amount of artificial intelligence (AI).

You’d get up in the morning and a self-making bed would do its job, while a robot cooked your breakfast and packed your bag for the day, and you sat back in your self-driving car for the trip into the office (which probably looked more like the control deck of the Starship Enterprise than an actual office).

While some predictions are at least on their way to being realised, there is one space where artificial intelligence is really streaking ahead: marketing.

Businesses big and small are discovering that artificial intelligence marketing can significantly boost campaigns and grow profits.

Here’s how it works:

AI personalises your marketing

Spend any time on the Internet and you soon understand that there are a lot of companies already using artificial intelligence in marketing to personalise their marketing to you.

Perhaps you announced a pregnancy as a Facebook post, only to be inundated with baby-related ads across your social media activity; or perhaps you searched for paddle boards in Google and are now seeing ads for paddle boards everywhere.

There’s a very good reason why so many companies are embracing personalised marketing – it yields tangible bottom line results.

A study by global consultancy group Accenture found that 43 per cent of people are more likely to purchase from companies that personalise marketing.

You may be surprised by the information businesses use to personalise artificial intelligence marketing.

A company that you have interacted with knows not just the products you are interested in, but the day and time you are most likely to purchase, your search history, where you live, and the format of the post most likely to convert into a sale.

AI boosts customer service

Chat bots are becoming increasingly popular with customers and businesses because they enhance the customer experience and free up human staff to perform other tasks.

Chat bots are virtual customer service assistants that have been programmed to answer the most commonly asked questions or, if a question is too complex, forward it to an actual person.

Chat bots deepen the relationship between the consumer and the brand because they are responsive technology that interacts with the customer personally, answering questions and resolving issues.

Essentially, it means AI will focus on good customer experience, and that is something to look forward to.

AI targets search

Strengthening your search engine optimisation (SEO) with artificial intelligence marketing, can result in a greater number of leads to your business, in the most human of ways.

The way people use search engines are nuanced and the algorithms are increasingly adaptive to a person’s particular behaviour.

Say, for example, someone searches ‘car parks’. AI knows that if they are searching on their mobile device they are probably looking for a nearby place to park their car, rather than looking for information about car park design or news about proposed car parks in their city.

Hands up who forgot how to spell as soon as they left school? Search AI picks up spelling errors and is able to provide results based on common errors and what people actually wanted.

“Hey Google, what was the name of Rory Gilmore’s best friend?” Increasingly, search is being conducted via voice, and users of artificial intelligence marketing leverage voice technology to increase SEO.

AI optimises ad placements

We all know that A/B testing is an effective way to gain information about how leads respond to ads, specifically their timing, placement and format, but it can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Artificial intelligence marketing allows businesses to automate the process and use that information to feed into future advertising efforts.

The best example of this is social media advertising, where ad placement can be determined by social media content and past activity.

Speak to the marketing experts

While AI maketing can effectively target and roll out campaigns, humans can never really be replaced. At the most basic of levels, humans are required to create, monitor and refine AI marketing systems. That’s where Assemblo comes in.

Assemblo is a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, and we are industry leaders in developing marketing strategies that can leverage artificial intelligence.

To find out how we can help your business, give us a call on (03) 9079 2555 or send us a note via the contact form below.

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