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Content marketing results in consumers making a purchase, study finds

It has historically been an aspect of marketing that has been overlooked, but new research supports why digital marketers are taking marketing content more seriously.

Results of a study conducted by B2B research and analysis company Clutch have revealed that a staggering 82 per cent of consumers purchase a product or service from a company after consuming marketing content.

Traditionally, marketers have used free, timely, engaging and interesting content to introduce a product or service to potential customers.

As well as helping to build brand awareness, the study reinforces the fact that content marketing drives sales.

According to the study, 53 per cent of consumers are more likely to visit a company’s website after reading content, while another 50 per cent will do further research into the company’s products or services.

Content marketing results in consumers making a purchase, study finds

Interestingly, this increase in the success of content marketing coincides with an increase in consumer awareness of marketing within content.

Ninety per cent of respondents described themselves as confident that they would be able to identify sneaky advertising ploys or product placement within content. Link-backs to a website, details in author bios and mentions of products or services within the article were cited as dead giveaways.

However, what the study revealed is that while consumers know it is marketing, they don’t care. In fact, 67 per cent claimed that they considered marketing content to be ‘useful’ and ‘valuable’.

Assemblo’s creative director Steve de Niese said there are several lessons marketers can take from this study.

“Firstly, content marketing needs to be taken seriously and resourced and budgeted accordingly,” he said.

“Great content will help your website rank in search, bring value to your social media marketing, and play an increasingly important role in your sales funnel, as this research reveals.”

“Yet, while it’s great that 67 per cent of people trust content marketing, we must also never forget that this means 33 per cent of people find it unreliable. Brands need to be honest and transparent in their content and avoid tricks or ploys.”

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