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How you can use content to test new markets and messages

If you have a new idea for your brand, why not create content about the concept to see what people think before investing the time and money?

New ideas can come to us at any point however, we don’t always have the time and resources available to develop them properly.

Creating and publishing content on a new concept is a sure-fire way to get immediate feedback and find out what works and what doesn’t.

While these pieces would generally be written as an article or social media post, the same idea can also work as a short video, such as this piece to camera, or by sharing your thoughts in a podcast.

The important thing is to express your idea clearly and concisely so that you don’t confuse your audience or inundate them with unnecessary information.

Here are some tips on how to use content to trial new markets and messages:

Test products

Taking a new product from the idea stage to the market is a massive task for businesses of all sizes.

The research stage is particularly time consuming – you want to make sure you understand what your customers want, what your potential competitors are doing, and what the general business environment is like.

Writing and publishing an article about a product means you can highlight the problems that your product would solve which may help you gain market feedback.

You should try to flesh out the idea in a series of articles rather than one piece so that you can diversify the content and allow the information to reach more people.

Plan out a different theme or topic within the main idea for each article and remember to link back to previous articles so people can get the full picture.

As an example, we worked with a recycling client and created a series of articles about some of their lesser-known products and services.

The articles generated an influx of traffic and leads looking for certain products, turning a minor part of their business into what is now a major area of their business.

Make sure you review the articles that receive high traffic from search results, as well as comments and interaction on social media.  Are there opportunities for you to drive that content further? Can you repurpose the content in another form or share it on other platforms?

Trial new messages

Testing a new message is slightly different to trialling a new product and focuses on experimenting with different angles to tell your organisation’s story.

Why does this matter? Well, it can help your business and brand connect with customers on another level beyond the general trade of goods and services.

For example, here at Assemblo, we tested our Foundation, Fundamentals and Forefront marketing approach in a series of articles to help people understand the concept.

The pieces were well-received and mentioned by new leads, showing it was an effective message for the business.

We use content to test new messages and products as part of our Forefront activities, where we implement advanced marketing techniques to help businesses step up to the next level.

Want to take your content to the next level?

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