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Consistency in marketing and why it is important

Marketing consistency builds your brand to be identifiable at a glance. Here’s why consistency is vital to the success of your marketing.

Life is full of experiences that we assume will play out just as expected. We know that when we visit Aldi, we’re going to read brand names we’ve never heard of on products that are relatively inexpensive. We know that when we drive through McDonalds, the burgers will always be pretty much the same. We know that when we drop into Bunnings, we’ll all leave with a sausage sizzle in hand.

Now imagine if Aldi started selling luxury items. Or if McDonalds scrapped all their burgers for fish and chips. And imagine if Bunnings suddenly banned kids and – now this might shock you – got rid of the sausage sizzle.

It would be unsettling at the very least, but from a marketing standpoint it would throw these companies’ branding into chaos. We would no longer know what they offered; what they stood for; and why we should even be shopping there.

This is exactly why consistency in marketing is important.

Marketing consistency builds your brand to be identifiable at a glance. A fleeting look at a logo, a mention of a strapline, and customers should instantly know who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you.

Here’s why marketing consistency is vital to brand building and marketing success.

Marketing consistency creates a uniform voice

A uniform voice makes your marketing memorable – and that’s all to do with repetition.

The more people see or hear something, the more likely they are to remember it. Consistency in marketing creates a uniform voice – and every time a customer experiences this uniform voice, the branding is strengthened.

A uniform voice created by marketing consistency means that whenever a customer sees your brand across different platforms and mediums, they will recognise it.

Marketing consistency builds brand awareness and recognition

Brand awareness refers to how familiar people are with your brand and how easily they recognise it – and a brand becomes more recognisable the stronger your marketing consistency is.

Businesses with confusing or unclear branding often have low brand awareness. When people see their brand, they have low intellectual response (they may not know who you are or what you offer) and low emotional response (seeing your brand may not trigger desirable emotions such as trust or loyalty).

Never underestimate the importance of brand awareness. It’s the first stage of the buying cycle and that makes it essential to every other stage and to the final sales conversion.

Brand awareness can also generate leads and expand your audience. The more people who know you and your offering, the more potential customers you have to market to, and consistency in marketing is the cornerstone of achieving brand awareness.

Marketing consistency makes your brand more trustworthy

Consistency in marketing increases the level of comfort people have with your business. They understand its values and what products you sell or service you perform.

This means that when it comes to purchasing what it is you sell, people are more likely to buy from you.

To understand this, think of your business in the same way you would a person. After years of interacting with them, you expect them to act in a certain way; you understand them. This is someone you’re likely to trust. Imagine someone else, someone more erratic and unpredictable; someone you don’t really understand. You’re less likely to trust them.

Creating a consistent brand experience means you’re ultimately creating trust in your marketing.

Marketing consistency impacts your bottom line

What this all means, of course, is that marketing consistency leads to increased profits – and this is backed up by the stats.

Research has shown that businesses with consistency in marketing are worth up to 20 per cent more than those without.

That’s because, whether you’re purchasing coffee, buying a car, or engaging a contractor to do work around your house, what you’re looking for is someone you know; someone who is going to deliver exactly what you expect.

Marketing consistency is built over time

Consistency in marketing is only achieved when every piece of marketing activity is in line with your branding strategy. This means that a strong and effective branding strategy and marketing strategy need to be in place right from the get-go.

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